how to integrate bootstrap theme in codeigniter

how to integrate bootstrap theme in codeigniter

 how to integrate bootstrap theme in codeigniter

you can outline unique microfrontends that satisfy a specific commercial enterprise need for example customer search, client info, and client merchandise which then can be reused in extraordinary enterprise contexts (eg. New commercial enterprise, renovation techniques, customer support procedures, etc.).
you can combine several of these microfrontends for user-unique dashboards, manner flows in order that special enterprise perspectives and business processes may be supported.
Microfrontend integration
the integration of microfrontends is feasible on distinctive ranges:

At build time, which leads to a runtime monolith and permits no unbiased deployments.
at the server-aspect with a few template engine, (as an instance with Mosaic), which lets in independent deployments however no loading (and unloading) at runtime.
At runtime at the customer-side, that's the maximum effective method and the one I’m going to speak about here.
From a purely technical point of view, customer-facet integration isn’t without a doubt complicated. Assuming that your bundled microfrontend exposes some global release feature, it may be as easy as loading the package and calling that characteristic:

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but then speedy a few questions get up:

where does the customerId come from? perhaps it must be exceeded at runtime from a few different microfrontend (e.G. A search). however how?
The showDeleteButton likely depends on a few protection roles, however in which do they come from and how are we able to map it to such best-grained permissions?
How are we able to access the backend API which may not be accessible from the patron?
wherein can we keep the microfrontend example configuration?
To address these and comparable issues, we’ve commenced an integration platform for microfrontends and open-sourced it a while in the past: Mashroom Server.

To combine an present microfrontend into Mashroom you absolutely need to add a few metadata to package.Json and a bootstrap approach with a particular signature. The server can register neighborhood NPM applications or microfrontends going for walks on remote servers that expose /package.Json.

For the example above, you simply want to feature this to package.Json:codeigniter template layout example

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Key Takeaways
Microfrontends can help builders to recognition on useful necessities and commercial enterprise wishes.
Microfrontends can boost up time to marketplace, boom reuse within your organisation, and simplify the development process.
possible alternate-offs are more complexity, integration expenses, and negative impacts on UX and overall performance.
constructing a platform for microfrontends is pretty just like constructing one for microservices.
Mashroom Server may be the combination component for such a platform.
this can be familiar to you: The commercial enterprise branch hires a few developers or a contracted company to quick build a small new web site to promote a product. And at some point, they hand it over to the IT branch and that’s where the difficulties begin. generally, the IT human beings get indignant on the commercial enterprise humans because they commissioned someone to create a brand new site without even consulting them first. And now they have to combine it into their structures. most likely it's miles written with a few generation no person within the it's far used to and it truely does not appreciate the area version and the methods already in vicinity.

however why did the enterprise guys bypass the IT branch within the first location? perhaps they'd little self assurance that they may get what they wanted following the reliable course. once in a while, such requests regularly cause tedious discussions approximately whether or no longer a requirement is fitting into the general structure and the prevailing utility panorama. possibly they truly knew the IT became absolutely overloaded and there has been no chance to get something on such brief notice. codeigniter bootstrap template free download

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A way to resolve this problem will be to define minimal requirements for those small, microfrontend applications, without having to encompass all the overhead of building and deploying stand-by myself applications. to perform this, a microfrontend platform is needed to provide standardized deployment and integration with current approaches and sites.

this text describes the way to build a microfrontend platform and what blessings and difficulties you could count on.

reasons why
Of course, microfrontends aren't any golden hammer and you need exact reasons to simply accept the extra complexity and integration expenses. similarly to the motives inside the introduction, there can be others:

Newly employed developers need to be productive almost right away without any advent segment - preferably the usage of the technologies they select and are used to.
Your business applications have a tendency to stay 5+ years and you need to mitigate the problem of relying on a single web framework that might not exist that long.
Your employer has invested in some industrial systems like CMS, CRM, or a Portal, however you want to prevent your internally developed applications from turning into useless when the gadget goes to be replaced. additionally, you want to integrate current packages there.
you're going to develop a massive net utility that simply can not be maintained as a monolith (at least no longer for a long time period).
You need to add new capabilities to a legacy software this is no longer maintained (or no developers are available anymore).
what is a microfrontend?
due to the fact "microfrontend" is a modern buzzword, permit me clarify what I suggest by way of the term, within the context of this text.

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a few definitions that can be discovered on line are:

those are not new ideas. The idea of building web sites from small internet programs integrated through links is (nevertheless) very common. There have additionally been plenty of ideas of rendering pages from smaller, independent constructing blocks inside the beyond, together with Java Portlets.

even if the term microfrontend nowadays is used to refer to modern JavaScript apps, there are a couple of possible techniques. So, whilst i exploit it in this article I confer with an software that:

is basically a JavaScript rich purchaser (as an example a SPA or a web element) that runs remoted inside an arbitrary DOM node and is as small and performant as possible.
does now not installation worldwide libraries, fonts, or styles.
does not assume something approximately the website online it's far embedded in; specially it does not assume any current paths, so all the base paths to assets and APIs need to be configurable.
has a nicely-defined interface which include the startup configuration and some runtime messages (occasions).
have to be instantiable (so it may exist a couple of instances at the equal page with one of a kind configurations).
ideally inherits the shared styles from the site and ships handiest patterns certainly important to define its layout.
these technical requirements result in very precise homes: codeigniter design free download

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This form of app nearly runs everywhere. You handiest must offer a small integration layer as a way to configure and launch it. you can even bundle it as a cell app or combine it right into a fats client thru web View.
it is bendy in use because the behavior can be made configurable and it (preferably) adapts to the fashion of the host site.
No supplier lock-in whatsoever - as a minimum while you use a mainstream framework to create the SPA or net thing. You don’t ought to stay with the framework - simply use a different one for your subsequent microfrontend or maybe rewrite the existing ones. (That must be easy for the reason that they are small.)
inside the given constraints, builders can adapt the used frameworks and tools with every new microfrontend (so bad design selections may not have a huge impact).
on account that there ought to be no dependency at the website online where your microfrontends are being hosted, they may be evolved absolutely standalone, as any normal SPA might be.
What does this mean in terms of enterprise necessities? render in codeigniter free download



Compatible Browsers

  1. IE10+,
  2. Chrome,
  3. Firefox,
  4. Safari,
  5. Opera

Technology Used

  1. HTML 5,
  2. CSS 3,
  3. Bootstrap 4,
  4. JS,
  5. jQuery


  1. Business & Corporate


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Features :

  1. Responsive layout
  2. Retina Ready
  3. Multiple section to feat every needs
  4. One page and interior page included
  5. Html 5 & CSS3
  6. Unique design
  7. Built with the latest version of Bootstrap
  8. Multipurposes
  9. Block design sections

What is included :

  1. HTML Files
  2. CSS Files
  4. Documentation

Plugins Used Are :

  1. jquery
  2. flexslider
  3. smooth-scroll
  4. magnific-popup
  5. bootstrap
  6. bootstrap-dropdownhover
  7. placeholders
  8. instafeed
  9. Jarallax
  10. script
  11. Fonts used :
  12. Lustria
  13. Lato

Icon fonts :


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