html templates for dashboard html templates for dashboard.  this is very nice html templates dashboard you can see this html templates portfolio free

">html templates for dashboard.  this is very nice html templates dashboard you can see this html templates portfolio free

">html templates for dashboard.  this is very nice html templates dashboard you can see this html templates portfolio free


html templates for dashboard

 HTML templates for dashboard

Marketplace provides a replacement home for locating and deploying applications, integrations, plug-ins and templates
Reimagined dashboards and integrations with Slack, Box, Google Drive and a lot of afford richer business insights and efficient collaboration

html5 responsive templates

“Companies area unit increasing however they use knowledge by now not thinking of it alone as one thing that's analyzed then displayed on a dashboard, however by creating its use operational across a myriad of job functions, from revenue improvement to development,” aforementioned Frank Bien, corporate executive of Looker. “This shift in thinking is leading to corporations selecting solutions that support a range of the way to harness knowledge - knowledge experiences - to fuel everyday business processes. metallic element does not simply allow us to recognize what happened yesterday, however becomes however we have a tendency to work nowadays.” html5 responsive templates

html templates mailchimp

Looker seven delivers new enhancements in 3 key areas: a replacement development framework for building powerful knowledge experiences inside and outdoors of Looker; reimagined metallic element experiences out-of-the-box that improve collaboration and knowledge flow across common business tools; and enterprise-class security, hosting and management options to support the foremost tightened workloads. html templates mailchimp

html templates ecommerce

Build and Deploy knowledge Experiences in Powerful New ways that html templates ecommerce

A development framework that lets developers customise knowledge experiences inside Looker, and imbed those experiences anyplace. Developers will use pre-built elements that guarantee these custom knowledge experiences match naturally in Looker. this mix unlocks powerful new ways that to increase the Looker platform.  html templates ecommerce

html templates gmail

To quickly notice and deploy add-ons, Looker seven includes Associate in Nursing in-product Marketplace, that contains Associate in Nursing ever growing assortment of applications, integrations, plug-ins, templates, knowledge sources and custom visualizations designed by the Looker developer system. html templates gmail

html template gallery

To help developers build these custom knowledge experiences quicker, Looker seven includes a collection of developer tools that create it even easier to make with Looker. These new developer tools include:
New SDKs to form Looker’s core Apis a lot of approachable to developers within the languages they like. These embody matter / Javascript, R, Python, Kotlin, Associate in Nursingd Swift in conjunction with an SDK Codegen to come up with SDKs in extra languages. html template gallery
A Developer Portal to supply developers with a centralized location for all the simplest Looker development tools and documentation. These resources serve a large spectrum of developer must support a larger diversity of skill-levels, timelines and comes. html template gallery

html template generator

"A ton of our work centers around building custom knowledge experiences that the new extension framework allows North American country {to do|to try to to|to try Associate in Nursingd do} unbelievably quick - we have a tendency to designed an application in but 2 weeks!" aforementioned Nick Fogler, corporate executive and founding father of 4Mile Analytics. "The launch of Marketplace is additionally a very necessary business chance for partners like North American country as a result of we have a tendency to get to distribute our solutions to any or all of Looker's customers. Overall, the revamped developer expertise popping out of Looker seven demonstrates Looker's deep commitment to making sure the success of its partners.” html template generator

html templates ecommerce free

Looker seven is reimagining dashboards by introducing increased UIs for larger self-service and interactivity. Looker customers will currently produce and share content in additional intuitive ways that as well as configurable filtering choices like cross-filtering, custom vary finders and a lot of. By delivering knowledge in these new dashboard templates, Looker has created a dynamic coverage atmosphere and mobile-first expertise.
Make higher data-driven selections inside period Slack conversations with the new closed-loop Slack integration. It delivers knowledge insights from Looker directly into Slack conversations and comes, as well as automatic alerts and instant sharing. html templates ecommerce free

html template to wordpress

Send trusty knowledge once it’s required to wherever it’s required with new third party integrations for Dropbox, Box, Google Drive,, mParticle, Matik and  html template to wordpress
Customers will use the new analytical alert feature to be mechanically notified of necessary changes in their knowledge via Slack, email, text or where they opt for. html template to wordpress
Looker seven has new SQL runner visualizations for knowledge analysts desirous to perceive data on-the-fly that permit raw SQL queries to be quickly displayed in charts and graphs. html template to wordpress
"Looker's new alert feature allows rate to speak operational KPI’s to our management team in period,” aforementioned saint Farage, Co-Founder and COO of rate, a national welcome and amusement complete targeted on high-speed go karting. “We manage many superior go karts, running immeasurable races annually. period alerts trigger variance knowledge to our mechanics and operational leads, guaranteeing that every kart in our fleet is cycled equally. In our large-format welcome atmosphere, a number of our most beneficial knowledge is invisible. Looker alerts provide key operational insights that may otherwise go forgotten.”

html templates design

For organizations United Nations agency have faith in knowledge and analytics to power their business, Looker seven provides a strong, secure, enterprise-class platform with dilated choices for multi-cloud hosting, managing and seamlessly connecting to knowledge, including: html templates design
To go from knowledge to insights even quicker, Looker seven brings a replacement connections feature that connects 45+ knowledge sources to the data sources in Looker. This Looker managed knowledge integration and information answer permits customers to quickly go from siloed SaaS tools to unified insights seamlessly. html templates design
A range of selections for multi-cloud hosting is formed potential in Looker seven exploitation best-of-breed application management power-driven by kubernetes, as well as managed hosting in Amazon net Services (AWS), Google Cloud  html templates design




Compatible Browsers

  1. IE10+,
  2. Chrome,
  3. Firefox,
  4. Safari,
  5. Opera

Technology Used

  1. HTML 5,
  2. CSS 3,
  3. Bootstrap 4,
  4. JS,
  5. jQuery


  1. Business & Corporate



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Top Features

  1. Bootstrap 4
  2. Clean and minimal design
  3. Fully responsive
  4. Cross-browser compatibility
  5. Drop-down menu
  6. 2 Authentication pages
  7. Customized buttons
  8. Basic and customized data tables
  9. Customized forms
  10. Area, Line, Bar, Step, Pie, Radar and Doughnut charts
  11. Hundreds of material icon fonts
  12. Extensive documentation
  13. In The Box
  14. All demo images
  15. 10 HTML files
  16. CSS & SCSS files
  17. JavaScript source files
  18. Gulp file
  19. Library and Plugin files

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